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Huron Peak, 2018

  • Date: August 12, 2018
  • Partner: Amandeep Vashisht
  • Height: 14,003 feet
  • Range: Sawatch
  • Route: Northwest Slopes (Class 2)
  • Overall Distance: 6.50 miles
  • Elevation Gain: 3,500 feet (TH to summit)
  • 14ers climbed: 24 separate climbs
  • 14ers remaining: 29
  • Road Condition to Trailhead: While not a terrible mountain road, the road to the Clear Creek/South Winfield trailhead definitely requires a 4WD vehicle.  From the Winfield turnoff to the trailhead is a distance of about 2 miles.  Within the first 0.5 mile, there are several areas with big dips and rocks that could potentially damage the undercarriage of a 2WD vehicle.

Joining me on this hike, was my friend Amandeep Vashisht from Baltimore, MD.  We had climbed a couple of 14ers together before so I knew she would be prepared in all phases and the conversation would be excellent 🙂  It was about 7:00 am when we set off from the trailhead.  Anytime you climb a 14er in Colorado on a summer Sunday, you can expect company and today was no exception.  There were groups of people here and there attempting the climb on this gorgeous morning.

The first mile of the hike wound its way through a coniferous forest with the trail being mostly open and having plenty of switchbacks.  At around 12,000′, the trail broke out into a large, beautiful, green meadow that ran flat for about 0.5 mile.  In autumn, I could imagine being in this meadow would be close to spectacular.  It would also be an ideal place to camp to stage a predawn climb for the next morning.

Across the meadow, the trail began to gradually ascend the summit ridge along a steep, grassy incline, turning towards the south.  So far, so good.  The crux of the climb is the final 500′ of ascent at the upper portion of the ridge.  There are some patches of boulders and the trail has a few areas that are worn smooth and slippery from use.  However, all in all, this climb is straightforward if you are in shape.

When we arrived at the summit, there were several other parties milling about.  We could see the Three Apostles clear as a bell to the south.  There were great views of sweeping valleys and lakes.  After soaking up some sun and snacks, we headed back down, carefully taking our time in the steeper sections of the trail for the first 30 minutes.

It is never easy stepping off the plane after arriving from sea level to climb a 14er, but Aman was in really good shape after doing several shakedown hikes in the Boulder area the previous several days.  We literally ran (yes, RAN) the last two miles of trail back to the car 🙂  All told, this climb will take a half-day.

Huron Peak is not a particularly formidable 14er.  In fact, I would say it likely more Class 1.5 than Class 2.  I’d give it a 2 out of 10 on a scale of 14er difficulty and would have no reservation about taking someone here for their first 14er, especially if you wanted something with a little bit more zing than the standard routes on Mt Evans or Mt Bierstadt.